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A term that one refers to their pet if it contains hair or fur .
I have to leave work because my Furbaby needs a walk.
Por Harvey Reilander 21 de septiembre de 2006
64 9
noun - A term that childless couples use to describe their pet(s). Also known as a "pet child."
I got the best birthday present for my fur baby, Mittens - a diamond-studded collar!
Por Goolia 30 de diciembre de 2007
45 10
A pet for someone who doesn't have kids
Gotta pick up my fur baby at the kennel.
Por AustinAngel 21 de abril de 2010
18 5
Kitschy term used by Military Dependants or Overly Sensitive Military Wives to describe pets. This is a term of endearment, meant to elevate pets to the same level as children.
When my hubby got reassigned, I made sure to lug our Furbabies, too!
Por OSMWfollower 22 de febrero de 2014
0 0
an usually overly spoiled pampered primadona pet
My chihuahua is such a furbaby
Por Jim is hot 11 de octubre de 2006
27 36
The act of pulling out while sexing a young lady with a hairy vaginia. Then shooting your seed along the "pelt" of the young lady. Some variations exist includung the rubbing in of the seamen to cause a dredlock like affect. This is called a commador furbaby and is heavly practiced among those in Southwest Asia.
Tom: Man I was hitting this heffer last night with a nappy dugout. So pulled out the python and furbabied that ho!

Greg: Hell yeah I've done a few furbabies my self
Por Dirty McNasty 25 de febrero de 2010
11 30
a slang term referring to a woman's vagina
I got to stick it in her fur baby.
Por S H 24 de diciembre de 2006
9 44