Short for GHB
He took a cap full of G at the club
Por Joe 26 de agosto de 2003
a gangster
me an lisa r both g's
Por lord matt cowling and lisa the G 23 de junio de 2003
1. Short for gangster

2. Short for Google; in which case, it stands for gay
1. Dang man, your cat is G.

2. I use Gmail.
#google #gmail #g #gangster #gay #goodie #gumdrops #geoff #geoffcom #diaper cat
Por Slump Virus [Mogwaii] 29 de mayo de 2010
Getting trick by a lie
making someone's head turn at something thats not there
making a false statement and making others believe it
look the bus is coming(when its not)(if person looks u are a able to say get G!!!)

martin is the G master
#get g #getting g #geed #gee #g'ed
Por captain fulano 29 de abril de 2008
a certfied ganster, a person that makes that $$$$ and is just a "G" like that
that girl ashton is a straight up G.
#69 #gangster #baller #304 #ashton
Por asjhflgjhlrgh 04 de marzo de 2008
G is an acronym of the word Gay.
Yo what's up G.
Hey G can you pass me that.
#g #gay #homosexual #homo #gee
Por frompolska 14 de enero de 2008
Mostly thought of as short for "gansta" (see just about all other "G" entries), but originated as a shortened form of "gringo," which is a generally-pejorative Spanish term (mostly Latin American rather than European Spanish) for "foreigner," typically a white male North American or Briton.
Dude: "Yo what is it that is up, my G?"
Chick: "Hey, I'm not a G. I'm a black female Brazilian."
Dude: "Oh, then I guess I don't understand the real origin of the term 'G.'"
Chick: "You got that right... G!"
#gringo #gangsta #gangster #latin #white man #spanish
Por Etymolo-G 24 de agosto de 2007
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