- The unseen effects emanating from a person, place, or thing which potentially psychologically contaminates typically well-adjusted (and likely, heterosexual) persons in motivation to perform homosexual activities.

- The harnessed potential energy of an item or act to motivate those who witness it to become helpless to do more than take part in the perceived faggotry.

- A euphemism for situations and procedures which the describer deems so demeaning as to suspect the situation as a ploy by its designer to forcefully expose or motivate its participators into sexual activity with the same sex.

- Influential energy that grants known homosexuals additional power to convince normally heterosexual persons into participating in "switching to the other team."

Much like radioactivity, the intensity of Gaydiation can be measured by its severity in Alpha, beta, and Gamma levels.
Researcher 1: "My god! Look at the counter... there's Gaydiation all around us!"
Researcher 2: "Of course there is! We're at a Gay Days parade, ya nimrod!"

Thomas: "The new security procedures the managers approved at work just reek of Gaydiation!"

Mary: "Somehow, this company uses the Gaydiation as a selling point for its diversity portfolio."

Sexually confused teen: "Mom, I would totally go gay for Robbie."
Mom: "Robbie must be emitting some serious gaydiation to influence my son like this."

Popular Culture: It is widely believed that the Ellen show emitted beta levels of Gaydiation toward females, until additional research proved that this gaydiation affected males too.

Filesharing teen: "This DMCA just reeks of gamma level gaydiation!"
#gay #ghey #gaydar #radiation #nuclear
Por zer0zhp 17 de abril de 2009
Top Definition
(Noun) The sub-atmoic beams of gayness emitting from someone of a homsexual nature.
Tyller Slade emits WAY more gaydiation than Richard Simmons.
Por Ian "The Frutchman" Coutu 18 de junio de 2003
Radiation emitting as a result of the explosion of a gay bomb. The gaydiation is not as prominent as the actual blast, and may only turn people gender queer, exploratory, or bisexual.
The gaydiation of the recent explosion of a gay bomb has spread through surrounding towns, turning people everywhere into bisexuals.
#gaydiation #gay bomb #bisexual #radiation #gender #queer #explosion
Por water kangaroo 13 de diciembre de 2010
An over homosexual homosexual. And I mean, like, ireally/i homosexual. Someone who just oozes gayness from a hundred miles away and really obvious.

Radiating gayness.
Taylor Hanson is the epitome of gaydiation.
#gay #ghey #radiation #omgwtftaylorhansonwillkillusall #homosecksuall
Por jadedoto 17 de noviembre de 2008
Radioactive particles emitted from a homosexual male that makes other straight guys in proximity uneasy. Gaydiaton can also pass through television, and the most common forms of Gaydioactive T.V. shows are the High School Musical series.
Overexposure of gaydiation can lead to death, or even worse, Gayness.
Tommy- Dude Sean stop watching disney channel! The gaydiation waves are hitting you strong!
Sean- Tsk well, this show is so emotional i love it!
Tommy- Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
#gay #disney #high school musical #gaydar #homo.
Por Tommy_ Boy12 27 de agosto de 2007
Gaydiation is when you can feel gay vibes radiating from someone very intensely. When you're exposed to too much Gaydiation,you can get Gaydiation poisoning.
Person 1:Bro,I walked past that group over there,and I could feel the gaydiation from them.
Person 2: Bro....
#gay #metalheads #omg #stupid #word combination
Por Not James Hetfield 01 de septiembre de 2015
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