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A term used in Yorkshire and Scotland meaning "Give us".
"Gees a pint of lager!"
Por AfterWars 20 de febrero de 2013
Gee is slang for the buddy title, guy, as in: "hey guy"
Guy, other than being a name, is just something to call your bro. But guy has gotten a little tired and so we are left with, Gee. Soft G not Hard. as in the Gu sound. Gu-EE.

Antonym: Goo, a goo is a soft bod and deserves little to no respect. Although goo can be a good chirp to throw at your buddies every once and a while.
"Yo gee"
-"Yaa, geeee"
Por Diggits McDicey 29 de noviembre de 2011
To agree or rechognize another statement.
(Bart) You down to throw in with me on a sack of weed?

(Alisa)- Gee

Sometimes the gee is emphasized when the circumstances are stronger.
Por Clown Biscuits 02 de abril de 2010
gee Vulgar Slang
(hard 'g': pronounced as in 'get')
n. Irish.

1. The female genitals
She removed her panties to reveal a clean-shaven gee.
Por Paul Connell 11 de abril de 2007
Other word for saying gangster
This guy is a gee
Por blacknastynigga 02 de enero de 2011
an adjective used to describe something fucking tight.
dude that was so GEE!
Por g456 12 de septiembre de 2010
Pronounced guh-eeee.

Another way of saying something is cute or adorable.
Lauren: "Did you see that bunny?"
Brandi: "Yeah it was gee!"
Por Cool Kid From Down The Block 08 de abril de 2010