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adjective: so gigantic and so enormous that it is entirely necessary to cram gigantic-enormous together to convey the true size of the item.
"The earth is a speck of dust compared to the ginormous size of the universe".

"The "99" restaurant serves ginormous portions of food per platter compared to say, "Applebees" or "Denny's".

Por Siagiah Karlsson 26 de diciembre de 2006
2 2
large to a ridiculous degree, so much so that it requires a combination "giant" AND "enormous"
Man, that bitches ass is ginormous!
Por Bogmon 14 de mayo de 2005
18 19
Bigger than huge.
His ego was freaking ginormous!
Por Xandra 15 de abril de 2004
3 4
Means bigger than enormous and gigantic
King Kong is ginormous
Por Andrea 07 de abril de 2004
5 6
A mixture of the words "gigantic" and "enormous" to describe something large.
Nick: "Holy hell look at her"

Tim: "No shit she's fucking ginormous!"
Por Nick 284 21 de febrero de 2009
0 2
Very, Very BIG. A made up combination of gigantic and enormous.
That whale was ginormous!
Por MelindaH 16 de abril de 2008
1 3
similar to something that's uber big

nimesh keeps complaining because according to him nicky g. is ginormous...
Por Matt Ginormo 13 de julio de 2007
0 2