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The corporation for all the jabronies and low lifes in this world. You have to be a real winner to be accepted into this league. Derived from the biggest toolbag of them all, Daryl Isaacs AKA the Heavy Hitter. Being in the Heavy Hitter Alliance is basically like having a black sucking at life. You see you have to be a real turd to for the HHA to grant membership. There is a strict set of guidelines that must be met before you can even be considered. First off you must be a complete Daryl, or even a Sherman. Next, you must follow trends, say annoying shit at the wrong time, and absolutely kill any party you step foot in. You must wear the lamest clothes and put on way too much cologne, a tapout shirt and ed hardy cologne should do the deed. Finally, you must have zero true friends. If you are in the HHA and you think you have friends, you are WRONG. Those guys that roast your ass 24/7 don't keep you around bc they like you, they just like having a personal bitch to use as a dialogue punching bag.
Damnit Daryl! Why the hell would you show up to this party you weren't even invited!!! Thats it we're sending you to the Heavy Hitter Alliance.

Jim) Yo check it out that kid just rung up $900 worth of clothes at Ed Hardy.

Sean) Wow, thats Heavy Hitter potential right there.
Por CLUB WARNOCK 26 de abril de 2010

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