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Describes the borderline gay things a straight man says, does, watches, or thinks. Someone who may not be a homo, but almost.
"James is watching the Bachelor"

"Is he Gay?"

"No, but he is Ho-most"
Por Flyn Hawaiin 16 de enero de 2010
27 7
One who is emerging from the closet, but is unsure of his/her self because of others reactions.
Ryan Seacrest is such a flaming homost.
Por Teh_Stoney 07 de enero de 2008
49 5
someone you think might be gay but really isn't
The men who flirted with Travis were always disappointed to learn that he was married, and therefore a homost.
Por sevenpeople 01 de diciembre de 2009
1 25
The homo-est thing ever.
The american idol guy is the homost fag ever.
Por Anonymous 09 de noviembre de 2003
2 42