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A Jeff is a quiet individual that is known to have quick and witty banter when taking the opportunity to speak with someone they feel comfortable with. They are a breed of past heartbreakers that have matured into intelligent, unique, and confident men. They tend to think more than act and often miss the boat.
Guy 1: There's that cool girl from the art building
Guy 2:.........uh
Guy 1: Such a Jeff move
Por Heytherepanther 26 de junio de 2013
26 0
Jeff will be whoever you want him to be and pretend to love you as long as you pull out your wallet often. He'll will always have hooker breath.
Person A: Did you see Jeff's girlfriend! As in current girlfriend?

Person B: Oh my gaw, yes!

Person A: He has definately downgraded with a capital D!

Person B: She must pull out her wallet often...
Por fatgirlsneed<3too 03 de octubre de 2011
22 30
A particularly stinky gaseous emission, deadly if inhaled for my the a second or two.
Did someone fart?. OMG, it's a JEFF!
Por Not your wife 13 de diciembre de 2010
61 70
n. A man who seems really cool, comes off as suave and is always very charming and charismatic. But he is also shady, and a creeper
Why you gotta be so shady and "Jeffy"?
Por Ivadunno 07 de noviembre de 2012
4 14
a long, white, skinny cigarette
person #1: I need a joe!
person #2: do you mean you need a jeff?
#1: shut up
Por ohlookabird 01 de junio de 2011
1 15
A term used to describe a complete loser. A "Jeff" could be someone who wears cheap or tacky clothes, someone who is socially awkward, a loner, or just a complete asshole. Jeff can also be interpreted as a more specific version of krog.
hey check out that jeff over there with the roller-backpack and Obama t-shirt
Por jfizzle4 24 de octubre de 2010
75 98
One who has sexual intercourse with pandas and little girls. Is also known as pedobear.
*scoffs* That Jeff is at it again...

Hey! Get that girl away from him! She's underage!
Por midnightfoxkovu 02 de mayo de 2011
21 50
A rather strange man, who changes his car every two days, has a jordan meter, is old, likes younger women, parties on the weekend, attends church every sunday, wears a blue raincoat with everything, and says girls names weird. He also loves someone named kirsten.
Person 1: Have you seen jeff today!?
Person 2: Yeah, hes talking to kirsten.
Person 1: Okay thanks.
Por Ella Hierton 14 de junio de 2011
6 41