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a term of endearment between siblings.; often meaning I Love You
Brian: Good Morning Jerkace!!! I missed you
Stephanie: I love you too Jerkface
Por BORSHKNA 07 de octubre de 2010
251 97
Someone who seems to take joy in insulting others. Or what your little brother calls you when "butthead" has been used too many times
guy1: this guy right next to me is sooo gay!!!
guy2: stop telling people my buisnise you jerk face!
Por Nathandavis101 08 de marzo de 2007
90 30
A nickname for Chicago Bears's quarterback Jay Cutler which refers to fact that he has the face of jerk.
Jerk Face has thrown three interceptions today and now I want to kill myself. What a Jerk Face!
Por BearsFannnnn 11 de diciembre de 2010
74 23
Someone who has done something rude, offensive, or otherwise unpleasant by your standards. Often times, "jerk" simply does not qualify as the proper "dis" so jerk face must be used. Derived from the english words "jerk" and face".
"Oh snap, Darryl just broke up with Sha nay-nay a day before her birthday! He is such a jerk face!"
Por Nostradamus 12 de agosto de 2004
99 68
said to someone who's being an ass to you or something.
stop being such a jerk face
Por Sorix 20 de junio de 2007
28 20
a name for a person who does something stupid and deserves a kick in the face.
Why the fuck did you do that you jerk-face!
Por Andre Opez 07 de mayo de 2007
6 8
A person who bullies their young siblings, and does not respect, love, care for, or appreciate them for what they are. Even if they are smarter, better, faster, or stronger.
Mark: My friend's older brother always bullies him, just because he is just overall more awesome.
Sarah: I know, right? He's such a Jerkface
Por Everyothernameistakenokay? 10 de agosto de 2013
2 5