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A woman's belly button.
that chick has a large jizz cup
Por comeonalready 11 de noviembre de 2005
32 19
1. a cup in which one jizzes.
2. vagina
1. Dude, hand me that cup, Im gonna Jizz in it.
2. Kate's Jizzcup sure is tight.
Por taintmaster666 31 de diciembre de 2008
6 0
the women who gives you the "clap"...
Calm the fuck down or i will jizzcup your ass.
You got jizzcupped!!
Por marty and chris 26 de mayo de 2009
3 0
that thing the docor gives you when he squeezes your fuck balls, and you dranch the cup with spermeys
i missed exploding in the jizz cup, insted i hit nurse R.N. Qutorious in the fucking ass neck.
Por james thurmus 11 de julio de 2003
5 24