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Hot, gorgeous, sexy women. Who loves to have a good time. Gives good advise and very wise. is very caring when it comes to other peoples problems, she is very trust worthy. Loves it rough, but you better watch out because her nice church girl personality will fool you, once you get to know her your will find that there is a wild women inside waiting to show herself. Everyone wants to bang her but she's taken. Every guy wants her but they cant have her, has amazing boobs and ass. But dont touch or she will fuck your world up.
Ight Katie
Por Appledghhhhhh 28 de marzo de 2013
7 2
extremely crazy lady, very funny. one of those people who dont need to get drunk or high to act completely retarded and have fun with! brings out your inner child. shares your love of disney movies. makes funny videos with you. makes you laugh a LOT! really good artist. basically the bestest friend a person could ask for!
"did you see that katie the other day running down the street in a unicorn costume?"
"omg me and katie just peed our pants in the backyard from laughing so hard!"
"katie just prank called me using a jewish sex hotline soundboard!"
Por audreywantstoberichardsimmons 19 de septiembre de 2008
334 121
someone who is brilliantly hot and nice,
knows how to have tons of fun,
and a beast at whatever they do
katie is a badass!
Por fredisdead 16 de noviembre de 2008
438 234
amazingly cool
slightly depressed (but who isnt)
forever freezing
amazingly HOTT
completely stupid and imature (in a good way) has the most amazing friends EVER
phsyco (as in not mentally stable) but perfectly safe
comes from the name Katherine BUT IS A NORMAL NAME AS WELL
meens 'pure'
but soooo isnt
just generally the coolest outcast YOU will EVER meet!
"wow, that girl is crazy"
"yea, but shes totally hot"
"she must be a Katie"
Por krayzeekat 21 de mayo de 2008
426 239
it can also be when someone does something really awesome.
wow, look at that katie!
they are katieing over there.
OMJ. katie came to the party!
Por graniteflang 01 de febrero de 2008
336 202
someone who is bomb and knows how to party hardy,
really hot
and a beast at whatever they do
Joe: Dayum! Did you see that chick?!
Jason: Yeah! She was HOT!
Joe: Hell yeah! She must be a katie!
Por poppingpandas 10 de julio de 2008
262 138
1.probly the hottest kid on the face of the planet.. super nice to.. and pretty.. and awsomly awsome cooly cool. ya u dont want to be her enemy cuz shes just WAYY to cool.. like no joke.. and is also a MASter dancer.. like WHOAAA CRAZY good dancer.. especially at ballet.. like u dont want to mess with this hottie.. no joke!!

omg wat a katie i wish i was that cool
omg its katie!!!
Por pujon 16 de febrero de 2006
209 114
Someone you will never forget. Even if you want to. You will never forget what its like to be around her. You will never forget her smell or the way her eyes light up when she smiles. It will take everything in you just to forget her sweater :]. You want to like her the way you did and you want her to like you the way she did. Being around her is like a drug that you cant get enough of. If theres a katie there for you. dont miss out.
Por alloveryou. 04 de febrero de 2010
151 58