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Live Action Role Players. Nerds that actually get out once in a while. Their mating call is "Lightningbolt! Lightningbolt!"
Dude, Steve, don't go in there. LARPers are playing there right now. They might put a Death spell on you or something.
Por Ecks Dee 28 de marzo de 2004
64 54
A word that describes a live action role player or someone who enjoys acting out fantasy adventures.
"That guy dressed up like star trek is such a larper"
Por aba 28 de marzo de 2005
173 48

One who dresses like a character from a video game usually and acts different scenes out.
"Hey, why is that guy dressed up and talking like Link?"
"Oh, that's Seth, he's a LARPer"
Por MissDresden 30 de junio de 2009
36 29