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let me fuck
me: yooo katelyn LMF

katelyn: nigga please

me: whatttt
#let #me #fuck #sex #text #love
Por stud muffin the 3rd 19 de octubre de 2010
Acronym for Lazy Mother Fucker
omg, my science partner is such a LMF
#lazy #mother #fucker #l.m.f. #l.m.f
Por L.M.F. 16 de enero de 2006
Lazy Mother Fucker Syndrome.
A person (mother fucker) so lazy that they are considered to have this syndrome.

Couldn't be bothered? = LMFS

Helen - "I saw him piss in the bottle. He must have LMFS as he didn't even bother using the toilets (only a few metres away)".

Bob - "I couldn't be bothered taking out the fucking trash".
Danny - "You've got LMFS".

Don - "Where's your assignment today"?
Maria - "I didn't do it but it's not my fault - I have LMFS".
#lmfs #lazy mother fucker syndrome #lazy mother fucker sindrome #lazy mother fucker #mother fucker
Por Bella Maree 15 de junio de 2010
*Get a text from an annoying person while you are trying to go to bed*

You: *angrily tweeting* "OH MY GOD LMFS"
#let me sleep #stfu #smd #ugh #sleep #gtfo #annoying people
Por iamkhow 16 de octubre de 2011
Abbreviation meaning, "like my fucking status". Used when you really want a lot of likes on Facebook.
LUpiitaA RaMoSsNiqqA: LMFS Fo Truth Is MuthaFxckaaas

Like:19 Comments:78

^Facebook Format
#facebook #liking #status updates #lms #truth is
Por muthafxckaa(: 12 de octubre de 2011
lmf is a group of cantonise rappers
Por maxzilla 22 de junio de 2003
Lack of Moral Fibre
Fred didn't parachute from the airplane as he had a bad case of LMF. He needs to MTFU!
#cowardliness #wimp #fear #mtfu #courage
Por Tough it out 22 de junio de 2011
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