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Alternate pronounciation of Man.
Gimme that blunt, mane!
Por B-Cubes 18 de junio de 2004
540 119
Phrase most commonly used in Memphis, TN. Used before and after a sentence to emphasize a point. Examples are readily portrayed in the Oscar nominated move Hustle and Flow. Easiest way to tell if someone is from Memphis. They cant help saying Mane before a sentence. Sometimes used in the Bay area as well but with a more southern slang. Were independly created.
Mane, Im tellin ya mane, its hard out here mane.
Mane I know you aint gone let him do ya like that mane.
Por jwhite 19 de junio de 2007
386 151
Pronunciation of "man" in Bay Area (California) slang, made popular by rappers like E-40 and Too $hort.
"It's the Bay, mane,
No other way, mane."
Por Joe Shizzle 14 de abril de 2005
252 147
it means Dudes, Guys or boys
Esos manes son una mala unfluencia.
Por Jose fernando de la vega 08 de diciembre de 2011
17 8
Thick chesthair that resembles the frontal part of a lions mane, people who grow these usually shave them off.
"Some people think guys with a mane are sexy, quite frankly I think it's really off-putting."
Por Scarlo 17 de agosto de 2008
59 97
Portuguese for Dude, man, boy, sucker, asshole, idiot.

Used in friends group.
Ei mane.
(Hey dude/man)

Por J. Barbalho 17 de enero de 2009
51 93
Another name for females in Chile that are sexually atractive and look Asian
Wow that girl is Mane cause she looks asian.
Por Dayberry 07 de agosto de 2009
45 93