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n. A Half-man, Half-Goat hybrid.
You are a mangoat.
Por Mirai 01 de octubre de 2002
An animal that has a goat body and a mans head, completely real.

I guess in short, you could call it a furry.
Woah... Look at that Man Goat!
Por NatsukiKonaKon 16 de enero de 2010
A Half-man, Half-goat hybrid.
You are a Mangoat. Your mother was a man, your father a goat.
Por Mirai 01 de octubre de 2002
see also Goatman: A man with the dong of a goat.
"hey man, what happened to your man jung, yours looks like a goat schwang. get the hell away from me, Kris!"
Por the nose 21 de enero de 2003
Apple of Joey Grover's eye.
Dude, Joey Grover's cuddling with that mangoat again? What a bitch!
Por Chase Kuntz 11 de febrero de 2004