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1.Someone or something being of or looking like a monkey.

2. It can take the place of any other word.
1.You're such a monker.

2. Go monker yourself, or you're a shit monker.
Por Ace 20 de noviembre de 2004
A man who resembles a monkey
that guy looks a bit like a monkers
Por dude who knows words 10 de julio de 2011
hip, post-modern term to describe an odd friend you haven't seen in a while
I haven't seen Matt in like a year, he's such a monker.
Por smigdig 02 de febrero de 2007
Cute monkey like girlfriend
Hey man I have a cute litter monker called Sam!
Por Ottersash 22 de enero de 2012
short for Monkey Fucker.
Mon+ker=Monker. Used when someone is being a total ass.
"He hung up on me! What a monker!"
Por StephyBear 17 de julio de 2008
man honkers. when a male is very fat and appears to have man honkers or monkers.
Johnny: HAHAHA check out that fatass over there.
Joe: I KNOW, you can see his monkers from hear!
Johnny: No shit sherlock, they're only like triple d's.
Por gorillaguy987 26 de mayo de 2009