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Morriah is shy at first but becomes outrageous when you get to know them. Useallu a girl, very smart but kind of obsessive. Slim anf flirts without knowing it. Really competitive even dealing with love she has to get get the guy she loves, if he is dating then she will break them up and make the girl miserable. Hates the dark. Kind of offensive/mean but dont take her to seriously because you will have your feelings heart. Useally tall and African American. If you have a Morriah you should keep her forever and she makes a good girlfirend and wife. Loves to laugh and live life. Morriah is a keeper.
Person 1"Who's that girl she's so sexxxxy!!!

Person 2 "That's Morriah"

Person 1 "No wonder she's soooooooo sexy!!!
Por person 111114444444 02 de noviembre de 2013
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Someone (tends to be a girl) who is very very very VERY annoying. An obsessive person who thinks he/she know everything about something (like animals, a person, a sport, ect.). He/she will be obsessed with a few random things and most likely you. Once they decide they like someone they are 'best friends' with them, no matter how the other person feels. They aren't very likable so if something bad happens to them they will use that to make people feel bad for them. Not very bright. Actually just plain stupid. Fat. A wimp who is convinced he/she is tougher than you, though the only way it could hurt you is if it sat on you.
Person 1 "That bitch is such an annoying fuck!"

Person 2 "Yeah..."

Person 1 "Is there even a word for someone like that?"

Person 2 "Yeah, a Morriah."

Person 1 -facepalm- "I should've guessed"
Por I am the awesomeness. Fear me. 02 de septiembre de 2009

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