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Mount holly is the best place in the whole world for these simple facts:

you can walk about anywhere in under five minutes and find weed.
people are very kind when it comes to ciggarettes.

You can hide in about every nook and crannie in this shit hole.
you can smoke a blunt out side of seven eleven and no one will notice/care.
Drunk people are your friends, remember that.
Good food.
Anything you need is in within 20 minute walking distance.
Mount holly<3
#mount holly #mt. holly #muck city #muh holly #the ghetto
Por brittanytiffany 26 de junio de 2009
Mount Holly is a shithole town in South Jersey. The police will harrass you for anything just to keep the budget afloat. So dont cross the street in the cross walk when it is blinking dont walk or you WILL get a J walking ticket. Mount Holly used to be mainly white trash, but now it is home to a ton of young negro punks, who think they are in the middle of a bloods gang war (literally). The town is a joke with it's stupid, pointless shops that hold nothing anyone could possibly want. The town occaisonally fills up with a sewerage scent when the sewage plant is running too hard. If you are below 21 you should have no problem with finding a homeless person or crackhead to go into a dive bar and buy you a couple of 1.49$ forties.
Lets go to mount holly....NOT>
#mount holly #new jersey #slum #trash #crack
Por dizzlesnizzles 21 de diciembre de 2006
eh... a small run down town. full of bitches and hoes. the perfect place to get laid but use protection so you dont get aids. but there are a few awesome peaple.
person 1: damn, lets get laid
person 2: mount holly is perfect for that
person 3: yes, but... i just got back from the docter i got mount hollys aids
person 1 and 2: daaaaaaaamnnn
#north carolina #run down #aids #protection #sluts
Por Condemned Vampi 24 de septiembre de 2008
This place is probably the last place you'll want to go through out New Jersey...execpt Trenton and Camden. Like Hainesport, Mount Holly is fulled to its neck(if it had one) with wannabe gangsters. Also this poor, little town is a shit-hole. The middle school in Mt.Holly is Holbein...yes its very poor and it sucks. The High School isnt all that bad actually. Yes its got its moments but otherwise...its just another place where people are FORCED to go.paul quotes "ya know, this place is a huge peice of shit that i would rather not go to ever again...unless im over mikes"
(during lunch) "OH MY GOD THEReS MOLD ON MY PEANUT BUTTER!!!" kids laugh


(kid standing in the lunch room)
Por mike/paul.kenny 06 de marzo de 2005
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