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Later named Murrieta is located in Southern California's Inland Empire. Everyone who has a drivers license in this town has received a speeding ticket or a stop sign ticket by one of murrtowns douchie cops who hide behind bushes and small children to give tickets to old ladies and small children at the skate park. Most kids in high school are either jocks hoping to go to some college at the beach or out of state or dgaf bromiester scene rats taking everything from prescription pills to bong rips of DMT. More professional motocross riders live here than anywhere in the world, the metal mulisha was originated in Murrtowns neighbor city TeeMec and there are more lifted trucks on every street than an Indian reservation. Tons of hot blonde chicks drive white Scions with Dior shades and if you hit up Old Town on a thursday night you have about 35% better chance of getting laid(though the women may be older than your mom). Tom Cruise is rumored to have a house in Greer Ranch and Pro skater Johnny Layton mastered most of his skills at the MurrPark Located on Cal Oaks. Mad kids are always running around the colony is the capital of golf for old people world wide. Most people in Murrtown complain about being bored allot and having nothing to do when they cant throw a party in there parents house so they post definitions on websites like this one to save themselves from the terrible death of masturbation.
MurrTown blows, lets take a trip to the bay and come back with a sheet of Lucy.

The last time I went to MurrTown I got crabs.

I swear god the next time I'm in MurrTown I'm bustin out my nine and bustin a cap in that pigs ass.
Por Hector Salvador Rahman Sabir 25 de abril de 2011
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A slang term used by Murrietan kids to describe their town.
We're gonna give these guys an old-fashioned Murr-town Beat Down!!
Por jimmy002 23 de enero de 2009
Lesser known as Murrieta. A city full of nothing but dicks and sluts. Every girl claims to have been raped, and every guy claims to be a pro MX duude. If you don't smoke, put out, pretend to ride dirtbikes, or act fake, please don't come here.
Yooo dude, lets go to murrtown and pretend to inhale cigarettes and listen to shitty rap in our lifted truck!
Por Yeahhhhh d00d 07 de mayo de 2008

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