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The viscous cycle of taking naps during the day and therefore being unable to fall asleep at night, which in turn lead to the need for more naps.
Jim : "Damn, you look awful man, nap trap?"

Joe : "Ya man, I'm stuck in the nap trap."
Por Philippe Monsieur 03 de marzo de 2011
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When your body shuts down from being trapped in a dim room for an excessive amount of time.
Man I hate when we have to watch movies in biology class its a major nap trap.
Por ChiHaze 30 de mayo de 2013
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The hazardous place where most college students end up when they should be doing to class, but the top bunk looks far too cozy.
"Yeah, I failed Spanish because I skipped the exam. Damn Nap Trap!
Por SamBert107 05 de enero de 2009
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