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verb: to two time or stab in the back.
"Wow man, way to neige me like that."
"I should have know that neigeing son of a bitch would have stabbed me in the back"
"Ow, my back hurts, i must have just been Neiged"
"I'm not even funny, Neige"
"Neige bitches, get money"
#neige #backstabbing #twotime #bitch #superman #dirty fish hook #angry pirate #alabama hot pocket #nigger
Por James Loop 06 de febrero de 2008
The act of being a bad ass person. Neige is beautiful on the inside and is smoking hot on the outside. Neige has an amazing personality and always lights up a room when she walks in to it. Neige is a simple person at loves the small things in life.
Most people search their whole lives looking for a Neige but I have found mine.
#niege #neg #reige #ref #kenny
Por kenny aka the hulk 28 de noviembre de 2010
noun: a hot ass chick.
"Damn look at her! Now thats a neige..."
#fox #hottie #beauty #cutie #model #babe
Por TheGodDamnTruth 19 de marzo de 2008
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