a nerd that fights for the pride of nerds everywhere, usually against the popular people. Coined by brothers John and Hank Green in their videoblog Brotherhood 2.0. Based on a videogame John saw in an airport.
the nerdfighters banded together to defend nerdiness.
Por pdlbean 23 de diciembre de 2007
Dedicated follower of the vlogbrothers.
Nerdfighters are proud to be Nerds and fight to decrease WorldSuck.

Instead of being made of bones and organs, they are physically made of awesome.

Can be easily identified by the use of the word jokes.

The opposite of a Nerdfighter is a Decepticon.
"I think that person is humming Accio Deathly Hallows."

"They must be a Nerdfighter!"
Por VeeCee 01 de febrero de 2009
A person who is not made of flesh and blood, but is, in fact, made of awesome.

Started by brothers John and Hank Green, as a part of the "Brotherhood 2.0" project of 2007, where John and Hank would communicate only through video blogs for an entire year. (youtube.com/vlogbrothers)

The signature move for nerdfighters is Star Trek hands (you know, the funky fingers).

Nerdfighters will be happy to know that the VlogBrothers are going on a "Tour de Nerdfighting" at some point in 2008. (papertowns.com)

Most nerdfighters desperately want to live in an imaginary (or is it) place called "Nerdfighteria" (or Nerdfightaria, depending on spelling).

(from An Abundance of Katherines, a book written by John Green)
"The fans of Brotherhood 2.0 call themselves nerdfighters. A tightknit and extraordinarily dedicated community, the nerdfighters have raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities and political campaigns, taken over the most discussed pages of youtube, and written hundreds of letters to Merriam Webster lobbying for the inclusion of the word "nerdfighter" into the dictionary."

*note: In case you couldn't tell, the term "nerd" is not used dispargingly, but is rather used as a source of pride. If one is a nerd, they should be proud!
CM: Whoa! You got a hundred on your AP World History test!
BW: Yeah, I am such a nerdfighter.
(generally used as a noun, though it can be used as an adjective : nerdfighterish)
Por bootsandspooky 28 de octubre de 2008
A collective of brotherhood 2.0 fanatics who are made of awesome. Each nerd fighter has a special nerd power, and collectively they will overcome the Decepticons and found the first Evil Baby Orphanage.
"Dude, did you see that geek over there?"

"Man, that was no geek, that was a NERD FIGHTER!!!"

"What's the difference?"

"You don't wanna find out..."
Por EP Nerd fighter 10 de agosto de 2007
Originally defined by the creators of Brotherhood 2.0, a nerdfighter is a nerd who fights jocks using their various ways of nerdfighting. For example a chatspeak nerd might try and confuse you with their l33t way of speaking.
Nerd 01: I hate jocks, they always make fun of me for playing Magic: The Gathering.
Nerd 02: Well, why don't you go nerdfighter on their ass in order to decrease world suck.
Por Akushiro 04 de septiembre de 2007
People who are made of awesome that decrease world suck. John and Hank Green are the founders. It all started with Brotherhood 2.0. The name Nerdfighter may sound like a person who fights nerds but they are actually nerds fighting against world suck(the bad stuff in the world). They are the most awesome people you will ever meet. Some popular nerdfighter phrases are DFTBA(Don't forget to be awesome), so jokes! and French the Llama!
Person 1: French the Llama! You watch the Vlogbrothers on Youtube too?
Person 2: Yep! They are totally awesome!
Person 1: I am so glad to find a fellow Nerdfighter!
Person 2: Nerdfighters FTW!
Person 1: DFTBA!
Person 2: DFTBA!
Por A fellow Nerdfighter 23 de enero de 2011
1) Made of awesome
2) Followers of John and Hank green on Brotherhood 2.0 and the vlogbrothers
3) The inhabitants of Nerdfighteria
"You're a Nerdfighter, too!? DFTBA!"

"Nerdfighter, i romantically like you"--John Green
Por Noim 05 de mayo de 2009
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