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Oh My Rowling.

Inspired by the musical "A Very Potter Musical".
"OMR! What happened?!" -Ginny Weasley in A Very Potter Musical
Por Margo Roth Spiegelman II 22 de julio de 2009
165 77
The abbreviation OMR means OH MY RUKI and for the fans of the GazettE has the same meaning as OH MY GOD.

Word is commonly used in online or web chat when a person does not have time to print out the entire word OH MY RUKI.

When you want to exclaim that something is fantastic and gorgeous.

When you want to express that you are surprised with something nice or beautiful.
Person 1. : OMR have You seen the GazettE new look?

Person 2. : Yup. OMR they look really GORGEOUS n BRILLIANT.
Por mirosu 07 de julio de 2011
25 7
Old Money Richmond; ONLY refers to Richmond, Va. Nowhere else
He lives over in O.M.R.
Por Purple Teamers 19 de septiembre de 2003
17 6
Commonly used by Potterheads when surprised or taken aback. Means Oh MyRowling (Rowling being J.K. Rowling, the woman who wrote the Harry Potter series.)
*At the Harry Potter premier*

Person 1: OMR! It's Jo Rowling!
Person 2: *faints*
Por AlwaysAPotterhead 29 de enero de 2012
8 0
Acronym for Oh My Rock Star.
OMRS! That is way cute.
Por Kathleen the green bean 02 de enero de 2007
9 1
Means "Oh My Rod", something different to say than "Oh My God". Can also mean "Oh My Ra", which is usually used by Yu-Gi-Oh! fans.
OMR, I can't believe how hard this rainforest report is to write.
Por Shivers 15 de marzo de 2005
16 12
on my rag; on my period
it sux i am omr.
Por cool273 12 de junio de 2009
14 11