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A state of being all-powerful and godlike. In fact, it is being a god.
My demonic powers have made me OMNIPOTENT!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
Por Big Boss 09 de marzo de 2005
the all-powerful. A word people like to argue over.
whompy whomperson- i am the omnipotent.
binkerhead- no i am god.
whompy whomperson- you cant be god cuz i am god.
binkerhead-youre drunk.
#binker #whompy whomperson #god #shmaniel doopy #poop
Por the omnipotent..aka me. 08 de abril de 2009
Omni - All
Potent - (of a male) able to achieve an erection or to reach an orgasm.

Omnipotence is the ability to achieve an erection or orgasm at will, this ability is bestowed by few.
Notable examples: Ron Jeremy, God.
God: So I heard Ron Jeremy is omnipotent.
Angel: It seems he is your only equal.
#omnipotent #ejaculate #erection #god #ron jeremy.
Por 420noscopescrub 09 de abril de 2015
The coolest fucking kid on Hackforums
Omnipotent fucking fucked my fucking mom last fucking night and I enjoyed fucking watching because he's so fucking cool...FUCK!
#fuck #cool #hackforums #kid #handjob
Por OmnipotentHF 23 de septiembre de 2011
The act of being everywhere at once.
God is omnipotent.
#god #everywhere #omni #potent #all
Por sinx2100 09 de diciembre de 2009
Erectile disfuntion or inability to get it up.
My gampa takes viagra becaue he is Omnipotent.
#broke dick fountain #erectile disfuntion #in need of viagra #old dick #promblem with the fuckin stick
Por LMxDurgex 09 de diciembre de 2008
the ability to be potent on an omnibus
wow that couple was omnipotent and stained the imitation leather ofthe seats on the schoolbus, maybe they should ride a train instead
Por Hughbert Gerald Rection 15 de marzo de 2005
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