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To Have Sexual Intercourse.
I Have To Pine That Bitch Tonight.
Por Chris 22 de marzo de 2005
To smoke or toke the marijuana!
Them boys be pine'n all niiiight boi
Por Pine'n Boi 16 de julio de 2005
to really really want something or somebody. see synonyms at mwagala.
I pine for a bucket of chocolate sorbet.
Por dreyer's 13 de junio de 2001
A slang term for marijuana used mainly in the South eastern United States along the gulf coast.
"Man im sick of smokin this fuckin dookie ass pine, lets get some kush."

"Dam that pine had me straight loaded last night."
Por THE WILSONATOR 31 de enero de 2007
The word penis with vowels places switched

forest speak for wang

something made of wood

fur pines are long hard hairy woods
just take the I and put it where the E goes. Then take the E and put it where the I goes:

Por dr. phil 09 de marzo de 2004
A local way of referring to the Pine Barrens, large wooded area in the state of New Jersey consisting almost entirely of pines
Joe got lost hunting in the pines today
Por Jackle_of_Jersey 19 de abril de 2009
1. a large units of marijuana, usually in reference to a large distribution of them.
He's hustling money moving pines.
Por RedEye 28 de julio de 2005