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Payable on Death, a band comprised of Christians. While their music isn't officially considered Christian music, it is an element in it.
I love P.O.D.'s song "Youth of the Nation."
Por anonymous 16 de abril de 2005
Abbreviation for "pissed off"
I tried to get through to her, but she was too P. O.'d to listen.
Por Alexander Hu 24 de enero de 2008
Past Out Drunk
Por ronda 06 de noviembre de 2003
a term used in poker games and is derived from the two words, pot odds, implying the odds of the pot.

pot odds pods
i dont want to fold there are some really good pods.
Por hurleyburley23 19 de abril de 2008
Payable On Death
POD CDs 1$
Por V.V. 27 de junio de 2004
"ooooh you bastard right in the pods"
Por simon woodward 18 de septiembre de 2003
The Punani Odor Department. A Department in which things can either be complained about or appreciated. Mentioned only in awful cases of smell.
"Damn, Brittany, I have a complaint to file in the P.O.D"
Por Complaintobrittany 08 de septiembre de 2009