An antiquated male idea of the perfect woman
I deliberately chose not to make the heroine of my new story a princess, because that would be conforming to obsolete stereotypes
Por Rasnodar 04 de marzo de 2011
The pre-pubescent female pudendum. Usually bestowed upon young children by the mother as a benign substitute for the more adult and/or vulgar terms that are used in adolescence
"Mommy, my princess was burning real bad when I sat on the potty to go pee pee this morning"
Por Doctor Love 17 de junio de 2006
One who is slaved over (my master)
*Ture Story*
My older sister is a Princess. Her name is Suzie, but I am forced to call her Princess. My Princess makes me feed her, work for her, and she gets spoiled rotten. Our parents have sold her the house, and still slave over her. She has around 15 Million dollars in her possesion, along with 10 cars, 100 servants, and 75 Boyfriends who will do what ever she wants. Princess now has size an F Cup (Custom made bras only), weighs 160lbs, is 5' 5", and is blonde.
Por Servant to Princess 21 de octubre de 2003
Everything you wanna be, but can't.
She is such a princess! (Translation: I wanna be her, but can't)
Por Princess Pilvii 16 de agosto de 2003
a bOmb ass chickah that goes by the name of lian
shes mAD tyTe yO!
Por A D V A N 13 de febrero de 2004
MEE! end of definition
Por ???? 12 de mayo de 2003
The girl that you spoil and give anything she wants because she deserves it. You go out of your way to take care of her and make sure she has nothing to worry about. She is smart, beautiful, fun to be around, and does everything she can to let you know she is yours; in the bedroom and out. She is perfect.
Cassie is such a little princess, her husband spoils her rotten. She must be pretty generous with him too. ;-)
Por lasttimeisawelvis 07 de noviembre de 2015
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