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Melted cheese between two tortillas. Other stuffings are optional, such as chicken. Can also be made by simply folding one tortilla in half.
Man, I took a gravity hit, then ate a huge quesadilla.
Por Rusty Shakelford 23 de diciembre de 2004
A dancing bear who lives in the Coilfang realm.
"Did you see how badly Quesadilla outhealed Superstar?"
Por Zomg H4x 11 de junio de 2007
the absolute most delicious food in the world
hey i love quesadillas
Por yogabbagabba 16 de julio de 2008
It's what gringos call that yummy mexican treat with melted cheese in a torilla.

Also see "Dilla"
Napoleon, just make yourself a dang quesadilla!

Por Casey Young 26 de junio de 2008
spanish for "What's the deal?"
Yo homes, quesadilla?
Por 8(l) 13 de julio de 2008
Something you want to make when you're low on steak and there's nothing else around ot eat.
"Make yourself a dang quesadilla" - Napoleon Dynamite grandma
Por blargh 03 de febrero de 2005
Similar to a sandwich, but with flatbread (tortillas) instead of sliced bread.
I'm gonna make myself a quesadilla!
Por Clompers 24 de octubre de 2006