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A 40 Year Old Crackhead from Jacksonville Flordia who was arrested in August of 2008 for calling 911 over a Subway Sandwich

He Called 911 3 times in a 15 Minute Time Period to complain about the lack of Mayonnaise and Mustard on His Spicy Italian Sub when the police did show up they tried to talk some sense into him but he wouldn't listen and got arrested for 911 Abuse
Reginald Peterson: I ordered 2 Sammiches and I asked for everything on 1 Sammich and the then I asked for Certain things on da other Sammich I didn't get what I paid for on the first Sammich that I Ordered so I brought the Sammiches Back and ask can I get my sammiches made the way I paid Foe now seeing as I'm on the phone Witcha they locked the freakin Do and they gots bof of da Sammiches they did not make right fo me inside they stoe

Officer: Sir you're Under Arrest

Peterson fo what

Officer: For Calling 911

Peterson You Gats to be kidding me
Por PrestigiousPsycho 19 de mayo de 2010

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