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A very classy person, usually rocking sick flow with sick wheels. Get's all the broads easily, and is someone other guys look upto.
Donnie: Eh buddy, check out Roho eh?
Buddy: Oh ya man, I'm aboot to give him a high five.
Donnie: He wont give it to ya eh, you got no flow or wheels.
Por SickFlowEh 05 de enero de 2011
22 7
affiliation to Royal Holloway, University of London
I go to RoHo
Por urbanbabe2 07 de abril de 2011
5 2
ROHO means to Role out with your hole out. For Men it's BOCO (Black out with your cack out).
It's your bachelorette party; you have to ROHO tonight!
Por BOCO Man 28 de octubre de 2011
4 2
Kid: Haha your all roho!

Kid2: Leave me alone!
Por Rhoh 29 de marzo de 2009
7 6
girls who walk up and down the fraternity row looking to give it up to anything with a cock
I fucked 5 ro hos on 28th st today
Por Timmy 26 de marzo de 2003
6 6
Your behind. In other words, it's known as a posturier & butt. But not in a good way, no. It means the behind for letting out uneeded gas, also known as fart.
EWWWWW! Do you smell that?! Lumas has just let out a VERY stinky Roho fart. He's a very funny monkey!! XD
Por SpencerSC 05 de marzo de 2008
5 14