Used slang term for LSD.
That's one salty hippie!
Por fenrir 17 de julio de 2005
A user on Gaia Online known for his amazing personality and charm. A comedic guy who gets along with pretty much anybody. To find him, check the Avatar Talk subforum. He is the boyfriend of Pepper] and the best friend of Oregano].
"Salt stopped by and amazed me with his awesomeness."
Por Labtech X 14 de marzo de 2005
meaning a man or woman who lookin totally fake thinking they is king shit, but really is only an ass.
Shelby Larenze is salt melissa haha think he shit... hell no
Por suzie 31 de mayo de 2003
good lookin guy
hey Girl, that guys a salt
Por Jimbo Mango Tree 14 de mayo de 2003
slang term meaning a basketball
yo, pass me the salt i wanna win the game
Por aaron Funny 20 de abril de 2006
Por Anonymous 07 de noviembre de 2003
Fake sugar, creating the appearance of generosity or of affection in exchange for generosity, without the intention or ability of following through, or in an attempt to take advantage, or clumsily due to ignorance or inexperience.
That sugar daddy was all salt, made like he was inviting me out to some top shelf place, but that joint was beat, he showed up in last year's gear driving a cracked-up Daewoo, and he had nothing else for me.
Por SebastienRio 04 de abril de 2016
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