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Safe For Work. Used to describe Internet content that could be viewed in the presence of your boss and colleagues (as opposed to NSFW, Not Safe For Work).
Por The Internet 12 de septiembre de 2003
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So Fucking What
I got a 10 cent raise #SFW.
#whoopdeedo #who cares? #stop wasting my time #i don't care #why are you telling me that?
Por ground pounder 06 de septiembre de 2015
Safe for work. Something on the internet that would be acceptable to view in public.
Don't go on 4chan, it's not SFW
#internet #cp #encyclopedia dramatica #wtf #safe
Por Terrazine 23 de agosto de 2011
Acronym for "so fucking what?"
i'm eating cereal in bed, sfw
#so fucking what #so what #sw #sfw? #wfs
Por cquiz 13 de abril de 2011
abbreviation for "shit fuck whore." Commonly used by the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets to describe something terrible, as an adjective, or just in casual conversation. Essentially, it can be plugged in anywhere that people aren't uptight assholes. Used particularly by the unit N-1.
"Man I bombed my Calc test. sfw!!"
"Dude, this stupid sfw car won't start."
#shit fuck whore #gg #wtf #damn it #shit #whore #fuck
Por MrVara 27 de octubre de 2011

1. Powerlifting. To "Smash Fucking Weights". Popularized by one Vincent Dizenzo, an 800 lbs. bencher who wanted to quickly settle a dispute about training methodologies.

"Too many guys are looking for the right program instead of just Smashing Fucking Weights".

The key to getting strong is to just SFW.
#powerlifting #sfw #smash #weights #dizenzo
Por unstable 01 de agosto de 2006
Subs fucking where? Used in the anime community to express displeasure for a lack of subtitles for a certain series.
Anonymous 1: The raws for the new Eva movie are out.
Anonymous 2: SFW?
#subs #fucking #where #subtitles #anime #fansub #fansubbers
Por an /a/non 30 de enero de 2010
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