situation normal all fucked up
hey Bud looks like a snafu again in the white house
Por terafirma 26 de septiembre de 2005
Situation normal: all fucked up!
This is a snafued situation.
Por Dustin M 20 de mayo de 2005
A very connfusing or confused situation (From situation normal all fucked up)
(note: fouled may be substituted for fucked)
we seem to have a snafu on our hands
Por Light Joker 15 de marzo de 2004
Situation Normal All Fucked up
something went wrong
There was a snafu when i was making Easy Mac and the microwave exploded!
Por b-dizzle 22 de mayo de 2002
Situation Normal, All F*cked up
Por Coops 11 de abril de 2003
Situation normal, all fucked up.
A popular bar in Rotherham town centre, usually plays rock music.
You comin' down to SNAFU tonight?
Por hXc-kiddo 08 de julio de 2006
Acronym: systems normal, all fucked up.
Sgt. Boultch: Is your platoon doing okay?
Platoon leader: SNAFU.
Por Oliver Quidgeums 18 de mayo de 2006

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