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Saint Travis was the patron saint of all things awesome. He was known for his busted up pickup truck in the thickets of the wilderness, where he harbored much of his craft in the art of feral dominance and wild-brewed libations.
Bless this great saint.

When you call someone a "saint Travis", you are holding them to the highest regard. You're telling him he is the hottest man alive, and you cannot control your loins when in his presence. Not to fear - though very well-endowed, a saint Travis is always a gentleman.
"Girl, that guy was a real saint. A saint TRAVIS, that is! He was hung like a stallion, I couldn't handle..."

"Regis, you really impressed me. You know how to hold your liquor. You're a saint Travis, if ever I met one. I'm giving you a raise."

"That saint Travis is climbing the town square holiday tree! I can just tell he'd be amazing in the sack."
Por StTravis 19 de noviembre de 2013
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