The Alamo City. By some estimates, is now the 2nd largest city in Texas after Houston. San Antonio is surprisingly the 7th largest single-city in the US and growing, with 1.3 million people, but only ranks 30th or so in metropolitan population due to the incredible lack of suburbs.

San Antonio is the most visited city in Texas having the Alamo, the Riverwalk and Sea World, if it's still there. San Antonio has a huge Hsipanic influence and there are Mexican restaurants everywhere, not counting Taco bell.

San Antonio residents are friendly but, damn are they fat. San Antonio ranks among the fattest cities in the country--perhaps from all that greasy Mexican food. The pace of life in San Antonio is slow and laid back--nothing like New York.

San Antonio is easily among the most affordable cities in the country. You can find a 3-bedroom, 2 bath home for under $150,000. Try doing that in California, Florida or the Northeast. San Antonio is a nice place to visit, but I don't think I would want to live there. Perhaps that's why the housing is so cheap.
San Antonio is nice and nothing else.
Por krock1dk 23 de febrero de 2008
An overrated city in Texas with a really great underrated basketball team, but thats about it. A rather boring environment compose of mostly ghetto ass suburbs (even the new ones) around and outside the loop 410 and only few nice neighborhoods surrounding it's small downtown that just seem isolated from the rest of town. Only activity this place offers is bar hopping in the Main Ave. and N St Marys st area, and maybe sea world (if you are fan of killing shamu and the dolphins). If you are going to move here, your best bet will be Alamo Heights, Olmos Park, Terrel Hills, Midtown or Southtown (if you got that kind of money) or else just get stuck in one of the suburbs outside the loop praying that next morning your vehicle will be intact or your home don't get invaded.

Source: I live in SA
If you have a family and want to live in a place that won't bore you out, move to Austin, not San Antonio
Por UnderworldPsychos 17 de febrero de 2015
A very very boring city filled with a bunch of filthy rich drug dealing mexicans. It is BLAZING hot here. Everyone is ALWAYS talking about the Spurs because thats the only thing

this city has to rely on. There is absolutely no character in this city. I think its OK to visit but it blows to live here.
Hey lets take a trip to San Antonio. Nahh that place is a Baron Wasteland.
Por SAisGay 10 de junio de 2011
city that blows. it's too hot, too humid, there's nothing fun to do. it's hot.
San Antonio blows.
Por catgab 25 de enero de 2011
A self abortion (S.A.)

Specifically, a self abortion administered via canned air and a plastic coat hanger. The canned air is extended into the uterus and expelled, freezing the embryo. Then the plastic coat hanger is use to scrape the frost and ice out.
Valerie got knocked up and didn't think her boyfriend was ready for that commitment, so she gave herself a San Antonio.
Por ThemThis 22 de junio de 2009
Horrible weather, has some of the hottest & most humid weather out of any city in the USA. Has frequently reached above 110 degrees in July.

The place to live if you want to get fat. We have a total of 85 McDonald's (yes I've counted) in city alone, not to mention all the other food chains. Has frequently been listed as one of the fattest cities in the nation, right up there with Houston. Due to the extreme weather, it makes people very reluctant to go out and exercise when they have the time to do so (aka summer)

You can't drive for more than 5 miles in San Antonio without seeing "Go Spurs Go" somewhere. That's all San Antonio has, is the Spurs. If you don't like basketball, apparently you're a traitor to the city.

You know you're from San Antonio if you've been to the Alamo, right outside of it, but never actually walked inside (they have a walk in tourist thing). The majority of people who say how great SA is, have just been to downtown SA and seen all the tourist attractions like the Riverwalk. If you ever hear someone say how they went to SA, chances are one of the first things they will mention is the Riverwalk.

Construction is abundant, no, unavoidable in San Antonio. We have so much construction everywhere, that it's ridiculous. The city takes forever to do anything, and we've been working on the "new freeways" for the past 10 years, hell, BEFORE THE ALAMODOME WAS BUILT.

Immigration is a huge problem for San Antonio. It's one of the most immigrated cities in the USA, next to New York. There was a book written, called "The House on Mango Street" by a Spanish immigrant. It's supposed to tell the story about her life and all that, but it basically confirms every single Hispanic stereotype people give them in San Antonio.

The crime is ridiculous. Speeding goes on everywhere, there's extremely frequent murders on the news, and the lack of policemen is almost unbelievable.

We are incredibly behind in technology, but spend our cities money on useless things like an arena for the Spurs, just so we can pimp them out to other cities and say "Go Spurs Go" even more. Our technology is incredibly out of date and we are a very ignorant city in this aspect. Go to somewhere like a Seattle school, and everyone has iPods. Go to San Antonio, and the people with iPods get theirs stolen.

There is a major conflict between the Whites & the Hispanics in SA. When the Alamodome was in production, white people purposely got paid less than Hispanics, to the point where a Hispanic JANITOR would be paid more than a white secretary. On the other side of the fence, you also see major distaste towards Mexicans if you visit enough white homes on the north side. There's been continuous racism and counter-racism between these two races going on for as long as one can remember.
Yes, San Antonio is a cheap city, you can get a 1600 square foot house for about $110k on average, but because of all the reasons above, no one wants to live here.
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