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This is Shortfor the following:
Your a dirty,filthy,nasty scumbag; a real lowlife.
Por Mr. Clean 17 de diciembre de 2004
Slang for cum.
This chick in my psychology class is so hot. Just picturing her in that mini skirt makes me wanna scuz.
Por winstonwolf 27 de agosto de 2008
a slutty scumbag or scummy slut
That bitch is scuz.
Por mj7x3 29 de junio de 2011
K-Pop crazed nice girl from North-Europe.
Listens to Korean music, lives in Sweden.
Por Me :-P 25 de octubre de 2004
A scummy or otherwise undesirable person.
"That tramp is a scuz."
Por x 22 de enero de 2003
to receive or give a carpet burn or gravel rash
"when I fell off my bike I got a huge scuz on my knee"
Por Esther 16 de enero de 2003
If you can't be bothered saying excuse me all the time
"Scuz, I need to get past you"
Por winniekittykat 17 de junio de 2009