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"She Fag" is an insult usually to degrade a female or sensitive male. Since a majority of people do not call most women a fag "she fag" comes in handy as an alternative insult for a woman that may be homosexual or highly disliked. Using this insult towards a male would imply that not only is that individual extremly unliked but he also acts like a woman or may have womanly features such as a clothing style or large male breasts, therefore ruining that persons masculinity or sense of self esteem. She fag can also be used as a casual insult. It may also be highly offensive to homosexuals or may be used to describe a homosexual in an negative way. And the over usage of this word by an individual may make the insult have less impact over time such as the insult meaning of the word gay, which is why one should use the word sparingly.
"Jillian has really been bitch lately and I also heard she is a lesbian, what a f*cking she fag."

Tim: "Dude I dont think I want to jump off the roof I might get hurt."
Mark: "Dont be a she fag, just do it already."

"Look at all of those she fags marching for gay rights"
Por Bumpasaurus88 17 de septiembre de 2005
Female homosexual. A female who enjoys getting it on with the meat curtains and jubblies.
"There's a shefag in your closet."
Por Surjj. 29 de septiembre de 2009
A lady poofter.
A female faggot.
A bull dyke.
A diesel dyke.
A butch bitch.
A rug muncher.
Trevelian is a she fag. She changed her name from Melissa. She had her butch dentist sharpen her front teeth. She wears a spiked dog collar. Her hair is half an inch long. She wears men's clothes. She walks like Popeye the Sailor Man. Her Harley is louder than yours. Her tattoos are larger and more vulgar than a sailor's. She likes to seduce other she fags. She burgles turds out of their butts. All the mincing poofters on Castro Street are afraid of her because she doesn't prance around and yell "weeeee"!

Liberals pretend to like she fags, and court their votes around election time. But liberals are really scared shitless by she fags and would prefer to hang out among gentle prancing pouves.

Like the man says, use this one sparingly. It is sure to shock and anger dykes of all shapes and sizes. We don't want it to lose its shock value.
Por Cap'n Bullmoose 18 de mayo de 2008
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