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You should know
Young jack thriller - " you already sno dat,what does that mean?"

Hollow da don - "It's like, you know, you should know dat, but saying it fast like 'you should know dat'. U sno dat"
#sno #hollow #hollow da don #sno dat #jack thriller
Por 22 de septiembre de 2011
A person that is sneezing whilst he/she is having a snuff in his lip.
That person just snösed!
#snös #snus #snuff #sneezing #don #lönn #kim
Por Barre Jarre 14 de septiembre de 2012
Saturday Night Out - You get to party every saturday and do what ever you want...
Hey, it's my day off today, let's have our SNO
#saturday #night #out #douchebag #faggot #jerk #asshole #meatbag #scumbag #teabag #dickhead
Por GODofAllNations 05 de diciembre de 2010
Sno is the Emerald Toaster himself the first person to post on TO(Toaster Oven) a very popular message board on
Sno I want to be like you
Por Why U Ban Me(Squadbwoi45) 20 de agosto de 2004
interchangable with the word know.
I had to go on google translator to sno how to use big words.
#sno #know #lol #stupid #interchangable(:
Por kattana12 29 de enero de 2011
Everyone around this 1337 kewl guy gets funnier by the day, he is also the first person to post on the legendary Toaster Oven board.
Omg! Sno is so kewl!!!!!one!!!Shift+one!!!
Por Slip (Slippo Da Hippo) 11 de abril de 2004
Any snowfall that is pathetically small and only gives a token representation of snow. Can also refer to snowfall that while heavy, does not stick due to temperatures and/or surfaces being above freezing point.

Pronounced sn-oh or sni
White Christmas? The bookies will pay but call a couple of flakes snow? Sno more like!
#snow #christmas #weather #fall #white
Por mids99 17 de diciembre de 2009
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