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When spooning goes wrong and gets weird. A forced sexual assault usually when drunk. Unwanted sexual penatration while sleeping that results in a tussel. RAPE muthaf*cka
Bruh you were sooooo fucked up and had the weirdest look in your eye last night! I thought she was in for a snuggle struggle for sure, but luckily for her and for your future you passed the fuck out!
Por @ChocolateCocain 26 de julio de 2012
A derivitive of "snugglefuck". The act of aggressively engaging in intercourse, typically without permission. Likely to occur when one of the parties is sleeping.
Dale: Felicia brought some random dude back to Sara's last night, then she got white girl wasted and passed out.

Shilo: No way, that sounds like something she'd do.

Dale: The dude totally tried to break out the snugglestruggle... We cut him loose though.

Shilo: Should've let him. That bitch loves a good snugglestruggle.
Por rupaulogize 30 de mayo de 2012