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When stuff melts and splunges out your head.
My brain melted and sploonged out my ear.
Por Kenji and Dagger 29 de julio de 2003
6 1
The sound of a large shit dropping into the toilet (The plop sound)
Ow it hurts...sploonge.
Por Natalee 13 de agosto de 2006
1 0
A pouring of thought into a blog entry. Almost always annoyingly narcissistic and worthless in nature.
"We went to to read the latest sploonges from the emo kids."
Por Digital Signal X 08 de agosto de 2006
0 1
to cum in extraordinary amounts
i sploonged all over her face. i sloonged till i looked like a prune.
Por anonymous 22 de julio de 2003
2 4