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(verb)To cuddle with your significant other (as in the way spoons lie together).
Do you want to go out to a movie or just rent one and spoon?
Por Mista Askew 13 de marzo de 2005
romantic cuddling
wife: 'lets spoon honey'
husband: 'fuck you bitch, suck my dick and sit on my face'
Por emohammers 10 de diciembre de 2003
the thing i use to dig food.
Por spanky 24 de julio de 2003
Affectionate cuddling where the man lays behind the woman, usually with both people being in a fetal-type position and arms wrapped onto the woman's chest.
My girl always wants to spoon, but I just wanna fork!
Por Shawnster 20 de abril de 2005
To fit curves of one body to curves of another
Hey baby, let's get naked and spoon.
Por Ame-Cat 13 de mayo de 2003
A cuddling position where the back is facing the chest and the couple are laying on their sides.
c-wigga drank so much bacardi, he woke up spooning mr.flanders
Por LittleGordo 01 de noviembre de 2004
ALWAYS leads to sex. ALWAYS.
"Nah, we'll just spoon, I promise"
Por Hailzermuffin 05 de febrero de 2006