A broke bitch.
Shannon spent all her cash on crack, now she's a Strawberry Shortcake.
#broke #bitch #ugly #cocaine #strawberry
Por A Manly Ape 17 de septiembre de 2014
The act of placing whipped cream on a vagina while menstrating, and then eating said vagina out.
"My girlfriend was horny but she was on her period; that's ok, I ended up giving her a Strawberry Shortcake."
#dirty sanchez #angry dolphin #angry pirate #cleveland steamer #houdini
Por B-Wright 06 de octubre de 2012
When the girl is on her period and the man fucks her and then jizzes all over her face so that she is left looking like she just ate a strawberry shortcake.
I turned that ho around and gave her a strawberry shortcake.
#strawberry #shortcake #girls #sex #positions #icky
Por Doing the Dirty D 16 de junio de 2011
little bitch who doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut
that girl is such a strawberry short cake I HATE her
#girl #srawberryshorkcake #cake face #ugly #bitch
Por Sweet_lips 03 de abril de 2015
It is when you have coitus with a female while she is on her period and you ejaculate inside while she is bleeding and you pull out and your penis replicates strawberry shortcake frosting.
My wife and I made a strawberry shortcake last night if you know what I mean.
#hot lunch #banana cream pie #snowball #banana split #damien
Por Qawzsexdrcftvgybhunjimkolp 04 de marzo de 2015
You fuck a hairy count ginger on the rag, then frost her cunt with cum. Could also be called a Red Velvet.
I gave that ginger girl a strawberry short cake. :-)
#strawberry #cake #blood #cum #ginger
Por J.M.K. 03 de marzo de 2015
a small red dick that looks pink like a strawberry and the balls are usually in the shape of a heart.
jim has a strawberry Short cake and gets made fun of by even gingers
#dick #berry #straw #cake #strawberry
Por klater 20 de septiembre de 2011
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