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When a girl gets down and you dip your balls in and out of her mouth like a tea bag. Its the shit.
Yo dudes, me and mah girl were together last night, she got down and T bagged me for a minute before we got to the real stuff.
Por Fidam 28 de agosto de 2005
Oral Sex/ When a guy dips his balls in a girls mouth while she's laying down
Soul Plane allows lots of T Baggin.
Por PrimeTime 09 de junio de 2004
When a buddy passes out drunk and you place your nuts gently on his forehead.
We took some mad pictures of the homies T Baggin Tommy last night! One lump or two, biatch?
Por LilStinky 15 de noviembre de 2005
putting your balls in anyones mouth
Timmy is T Baggin his brother and his girlfriend
Por yop 27 de abril de 2006
wen a guy puts his balls in a womans mouth
her mouth was nice and big, good for t-baggin
Por Jack 19 de febrero de 2004
when a male figure places his nutz upon your face
I was t-bagged last night while sleeping.
Por LURCH 19 de noviembre de 2003
when u wake up wit a pair of hairy ballz on ur forhead
i was t-baggin ur mom last night so u betta find and destory all pictures before they appear on the internet
Por T-Dog 02 de febrero de 2004