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Pouring cocaine on your balls and letting someone snort it off.
I'm gonna let that girl get some tasty snacks tonight!
Por Michael Elder 20 de noviembre de 2008
8 4
a synonym for marijuana
"hey man, call me when you get off work and we'll have some tasty snacks."
Por Kirby33 28 de agosto de 2006
5 8
1.The Vagina... Female reproductive organ.
2. The tasty snack when you go down on a girl.
3. A tasty snack for a lesbian
1."Dude, did you see that girl's tasty snack? DAMN!"
2. "Then he went to taste my snacks." saw a lot of Tasty snacks at Gay Day and wanted to eat them all but only went home with one.
Por Shaun H. 12 de marzo de 2007
0 6