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One who is obsessed with technology.
That technophile has all the latest gadgets.
Por Turnspike 09 de febrero de 2003
70 5
a person in your I.T class that knows more than the teachers and just loves up computers. a person that fanatasises about computers.
your a fuckin techno-phile man!!!!
Por Unknown(bin laden) 03 de octubre de 2003
5 0
Someone who is obsessed and completely up-to-date with the latest technology and media.
Hipsters are technophiles, for primitive shit.
Por Baconbeer 20 de noviembre de 2011
6 3
Someone who becomes sexual aroused while in the presence of latest technology.
Technophile: I have nothing better to do but bash gaming consoles and care about which console is selling best.

Me: Just play your fucking ps3 and shut the fuck up, no one gives a fuck.

Example 2:
Technophile: ...Ipod...Ipod...Ipod..........ipod...
Por Astro man 06 de febrero de 2008
18 29
The opposite to a Luddite
He praises technology unlike that guy who is a luddite.
Por Christian Lindman 16 de abril de 2003
8 24
Techno Music + Pedophile
"HAHA! Mr Incognito is a Technophile!"
Por kawaiimandi 11 de enero de 2007
2 24