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The girth that lies below
I was out on a date and smacked the bitch with the LD and then money shot on her chest.
Por Sneaky Pete 15 de febrero de 2004
similar term to the abbreviation of london to 'LDN'..

The LDS is the same but for the City of Leeds, West Yorkshire. The phrase is often chucked about in conversation now and again.

the heights massive.
The LDS - leeds
The LDN - london
Por joeya123 21 de septiembre de 2008
"LARGE DILLSNICK". A word used to describe a man's unusually large penis.
Bro her eyes opened wide when I pulled out the L.D.
Por AVNX 22 de septiembre de 2007
meaning u have a fatty for your women
Richard Nickerson
Por big pimp 17 de junio de 2003