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The greatest album ever recorded

The Sickness is Disturbed's debut album. It was recorded in the winter of 1999 and released on March 7, 2000. The Sickness consists primarily of heavier, more aggressive tracks. With over 3 million copies sold, it is the band's most successful album.
The Sickness

See but I don't get it
Don't you think maybe we could put it on credit
Don't you think it can take control when I don't let it
I get stupified
It's all the same you say
Livin with it, but I don't get it
Don't you think maybe we could put it on credit
Don't you think it can take control when I don't let it
I get stupified
Por Nick Ramsay 08 de mayo de 2008
When someone you're dating/an ex, suddenly starts making you feel sick. Usually associated with their smell, The Sickness eventually results in completely unavoidable physical repulsion.
Dude, I am so over her, she tried to kiss me and I totally had The Sickness
Por igrv 04 de noviembre de 2010
An annual affliction that hits serious cannabis smokers during the fall or winter months. Symptoms are similar to those of the common cold but with more throat irritation and feelings that can be more or less directly related to smoking too much pot. If tobacco smoke is also common the effects of the sickness can be intensified. The sickness can usually be cured through a slight (only slight) reduction in quantity of smoking and heavy doses of Robitussin.
C'mon man you can take another rip of this bong.
No I've already had four and the sickness is acting up.

Pothead 1: Dude you sick?
(less experienced)Pothead 2:Yea some sort of cold.
Pothead 1: Ah, the sickness
Por Petey Nelsom 10 de octubre de 2007
When an opiate addict, mainly heroin users, hasn't gotten high for a sustained amount of time and is going through major withdrawal symptoms. When this occurs the user feels as though he/her where sick with the flu, or common cold if symptoms aren't as bad.
1: Yo, I can't even move...
2: The sickness.
Por Arching Hands 09 de octubre de 2010
1) When someone has gotten so good at something that everyone else around them feel the heat resonating off of them like the sun.
2) An exciting item or event, similar to awesome
1)Did you see Butch shotgun that beer, he is the absolute sickness.
2)Ahh long weekend coming up its going to be the sickness.
Por Moracs 13 de enero de 2006
This phenomenon occurs when a male has consumed too much alcohol and develops a strong urge to eat women's booty holes.
"man I know you saw home leave the club last night with that hoe and that look in his eyes, I think nigga had the sickness!"
Por Ruthlessandtoothless 11 de mayo de 2015
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