townys are the local people of scutty areas. They normally wear shiny shell suit or tracksuit tops, cheap jewellery from Netto and shout "Ow you daft cunt"
"You scruffy bag headed towny bastard"
Por Andy Turner and Chris Bayliss 27 de junio de 2003
a kind of local scum bag hoe
you towny bastard
Por john 24 de mayo de 2003
a sad individuals attempt at bein "cool" also see ned chav
townies are the scum of teh universe who tends to be incredibly uneducated an tends to start fights or shout abuse at anyone who is diffrent to them. they are also cought un-awares by quick witted comebacks.

townie: eh you mosh scum min cov
mosh: oh its you with the disfigured face
townie: my face isnt disfigured innit
mosh proceeds to head butt the townie
mosh: now it is

after this the townie will proceed to get all his "crew" involved because he cant fight his own battles that or get his brother who is in the "army" who probably doesent exist at all.
#scum #townies #ned #chav #uneducated
Por LULZ24 16 de octubre de 2007
townies go to mcdonalds because to them it's exotic food and a special occassion.they're natural habitats are:in and out of mcdonalds,sports shops,council estates,places that say do not enter,local bodge parks, dark alleys and outside the local news agents.
townies wear 99p 'designer' tacky clothes that they found in a bin somewhere (thats why they smell so so bad, but they say its a new fragrance or after shave).
the male species of townies wear adidas trackys that are so not very expensive, hoodies from JJb sports, nike air trainers and sports clothes even though they have never heard of sport .
the female species of townies loose there virginity at the age of 11 or under. female townies also damage babies by making them the younger equivalent of jordan by getting them boob implants and drenching them in foul smelling perfumes £1.99 from cost-co.
townies cement there hair to there head with mounds of tacky gel and reveal there cheap and plastic 'gold' earrings. they wear playboy trackies and mckenzies hoodies and to top it all off a pair of original reebok trainers.CLASSY.
you'll often hear townies say: il, il blad,il man, il bruv,safe,safe bruv,im gun braap u up, u is dead man,fuck uuuuuuuuu, your mum, allow you...etc.
as you may of guessed words like these are NOT in the dictionary.

#innit #bruv #safe #blad #braaap
Por tanith&&katie 05 de abril de 2006
People who dont even know what a Grunger is. They wear there caps in a gay way pointing up to the sky (you can go cap flipping with them by knocking them off easily)

They wear Designer wear aka: Nike.
ass belonker
Por I'll take your souls! 14 de marzo de 2004
A piece of shit that should be shot on site. If they are black, they try to be Puff Daddy. If they are white, they also try to be Puff Daddy. On both occasions they fail. They spend their time chewing pills (actually cough pills, but they don't know that, not surprising seeing as their average I.Q is 7), knifing people who have individuality, stealing anything they can get their filthy, scummy little hands on, and basically making england into a stupid little trashy piece of rock.
Towny1: Hey, thrashhead! What did you just say about my mum/sister?
Metaller: do I know you?
Towny2: Oooh, did ya hear that? He called your sister a tart!
Towny1: Well, i'll knife ya, ya blingin fizzle shizzle gangsta muthafugga!
Fuck this
Towny1 and 2 and 3 and 4 etc: (knifes metaller several times)
Towny563: well wouldyou look at dat, izzn't it! He's got 5p in his pocket!
(townies fight over the first piece of money they've ever seen in their council house scum lives.)
Por PaulGilbertkicksass 20 de enero de 2004
Someone with an annoying voice saying Tony
"Oi Towny"
Por Ogaiy 06 de junio de 2003
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