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1. Thong or g string that can be seen riding up the back, god its beautiful.
2. Big Ass Spoiler put on imported cars that do jackshit to there fwd cars.
1. God thats a beauty of a tail.
2. WTF is that on that Crx, Its bigger than the car.
Por sloppycory 12 de agosto de 2005
240 148
When the top of a woman's thong is visible above her low-rise pants. The back straps of the exposed thong resemble a whale's tail.
Young girls these days leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Just look at her whale tail!
Por Caitlin W. 13 de agosto de 2006
64 25
When a girl sits down and her thong shows.
Damn that chick be whale tailing.
Por Meow Mixxer 10 de febrero de 2010
33 12
It is the representation of a females thong (or g-string) when it is visible over bottoms.
"Hey look guys, I can see Stacy's whale tail!"
Por Whatwasthatword 17 de noviembre de 2009
15 7
Another name for a spoiler on a Porsche 911 between 1975 and 1989.
I love the whale tail on a 75 911 Turbo.
Por C_J_ 11 de enero de 2010
12 7
When engaging in doggy style you pull out and get finish of by her feet
Todd was in nikki he suddenly needed to blow so she gave him a whale tail
Por DanieldanielXxx 17 de enero de 2012
2 1
When a camel toe and a FUPA are intertmixed in one package.
Check out the whale tail on that broad!
Por duality8808 29 de agosto de 2011
2 1