spanish word for cocaine
chichi grab the yey (tony montana)
Por sabrina 24 de noviembre de 2003
some of you are stupid "Yeyo" is a cuban term for cocaine, it has been used in cuba
for decades and was only known in america after thee film "Scarface"
"get the ki of yeyo"
Por Mike Blitz 19 de octubre de 2004
Slang for Cocaine
You got that yeyo?
Por X 03 de mayo de 2003
Slang for cocaine; the Spanish term is spelled "llello", not like how others spelled it.
Aaron sells yeyo out of the back of his Ferrari.
Por DRGDLR 21 de agosto de 2007
cocaine, spanish term
Dude, thats my yeyo
Por cadillac 03 de mayo de 2003
late 1970 slang for crack cocaine,no spanish, yeyo in spanish is "egg yok" more or less
Frist time most people heard it was in scarface (best movie ever) "chi chi get the yeyo"
Por bill bob 04 de marzo de 2004
yeyo means cocaine ultimatley in been used by Cubans for a long time...that previous comment is totally true....
you got the yeyo?!?! (Omar)
Por Aldrin 22 de septiembre de 2005

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